Air Bag

Five Steps To Take After Your Air bag Deploys

Air bags are an essential safety feature but unfortunately they are only needed during accidents. Although individuals might not want to be in this position, knowing what to do in the event of the situation occurring can help. Below we shall look at the five steps to take after your air bag deploys:

Switch Off The Enginefhjfnjf

Although the most recent models of cars have a feature that automatically turns the engine off during air bag deployment. The first step if you have not suffered any severe injuries is to shut down the engine. This helps prevent fires by shutting off the fuel system. Also and if possible, also turn your vehicle’s hazard lights on if they are not already on.

Assess Yourself For Any Injuries

After the engine has been turned off, the next step is to check for any injuries you might have sustained. If your injuries are severe such as broken limbs (for example your legs), contact and wait for medical personnel to come and assist you.

Seek Medical Assessment And Care

Even if your injuries are not serious or severe, but find yourself in pain or discomfort, your next step is to seek medical attention. If any medical personnel arrive on the scene, allow them to give you a professional assessment. If you are able and no medical staff is there, find your nearest emergency room and seek assistance.

Disembark From Your Vehicle And Assist Other People

If you have no severe or minor injuries, your next step is to exit your vehicle and help any other people if another car was involved in the accident. If no other vehicle was involved and it is possible, make sure the road is clear and remove your vehicle from the road. If all the above scenarios are not applicable, then find a safe and secure place to wait and proceed to the next and final step.

Phone And Contact The Appropriate Authorities

fjnjgnThe police should be the first phone call you make, particularly in the event of an accident involving another vehicle. Your insurance company can be the next phone call and a reliable towing company to take your car to a mechanic if that is needed. Lastly, your friends or relatives can be called if necessary, to provide any further assistance if required.

Air bags can be deployed even without significant impact; this can cause shock and stress for first-timers as well as those who have experienced the ordeal before. Knowing what to do in that situation and taking the appropriate steps can help individuals manage the fear and frustration.